SXSW 2014 Panel Picker Campaign Set In Motion


As many of you know, our goal here at Grow Music is to provide a new platform for talented independent artists and bands, where their music is recorded and produced at no cost to them and with no strings attached.  It is exciting to see other organizations like The Wreckroom sprouting up around the country geared towards helping indie artists in a similar fashion.  In order to spread the word about our project, we’ve put together a strong panel of professionals working in the industry to talk about this new music business model and how it has the potential to push the music industry in a very positive direction.  The panel is called “Can Altruism Be The New Music Business Model?“, and our goal is to bring it to SXSW 2014!  The following participants will be speaking on the panel:

Peter Schwinge is the general manager of New Music Seminar, a destination where artists, music reps, and companies are provided with tools, knowledge, and connections necessary to becoming successful in building up the New Music Business.

Adam Shore is a key player, event producer, and talent booker with the Red Bull Music Academy, a world traveling music series of festivals and workshops.  Shore is also founder of The Daily Swarm, a popular online music news platform for true music fans and media enthusiasts.

Christopher Tyng is the creative director of The Grow Music Project.  He has worked in the music industry as a songwriter, producer, and composer writing music for shows such as “The OC“, “Futurama“, and “Suits“.  He has worked with a wide variety of successful bands and artists in Los Angeles spanning across a broad array of  genres from reggae to electronica to orchestral.

Anina Moore is the program administrator with Texas Commission On The Arts, an Austin-based arts agency working to provide resources that reinforce economic development, arts education, and artist sustainability initiatives in Texas and throughout the country.  

Being able to bring this panel to SXSW in the coming year would give Grow Music and all of the artists involved great exposure!  If you already have an online account with SXSW or already have your badge for 2014, you can navigate to the following link to vote for our panel.  We need your help to make this panel happen so please go to the link provided and vote!