Hometown:  Richmond, VA

Why we love CAUTION CAT here at GMP:

Hit play on almost any Caution Cat song, and the result just shouts music placement.  For an indie artist, that is a really really good thing. Sure, there’s undeniable ‘indie cred’ to the songs, but there’s also a lot more going on under the hood that backs it up.  The instrumentation is refreshingly homespun and groovy, and the arrangements are intentional and well crafted.  The lyrics are always original - not your usual girl/boy/love/hate subject matter song after song - and they’re immediately visual and unfold great, sometimes obscure portraits dressed up in a hook-y retro-meets-modern style.  Importantly, they never cross the line of sounding contrived - you get the sense that these songs come about naturally and legitimately, and aren’t forced.  And hey, Caution Cat has a song called “Buy a Llama”, and we, uh, have a llama… so really… enough said.

Why you need to know about CAUTION CAT:

If you have the words “music supervisor” on your business card, or have anything else to do with finding music for picture, commercials, TV, film, etc - we seriously recommend getting a hold of a bunch of Caution Cat tracks asap and keeping them close by - we think they’ll continually find a home.  Or, if you just use the words “music lover” to describe yourself, then we recommend doing the same - Caution Cat could easily accent the soundtrack to anyone’s story.


- Chris, Grow Music Project Staff

Here's some info about Caution Cat:
Caution Cat is a rock band created by musician and songwriter VJ Jones in the summer of 2006. The group started as a solo project but for the last three records, added the talents of two friends. Karen Shealy on vocals and various instruments including guitars, bass and horns. Chris Williams plays the acoustic drums, electronic and assorted percussion. The band has released seven self produced home recorded albums with an eighth record due in 2014.


Check out "Give It Up For The Dreamers" by Caution Cat -