Hometown:  Hollywood, CA

Why we love ENGELO CHARLES here at GMP:

Engelo’s overall positive vibe and performance style is infectious; he’s got this laid-back, feel-good delivery that often belies just how huge his vocal talent is, and an undeniable energy which carries through even on his rough recordings. And, in our humble opinion, “Monster” [which will stream below] has a HUGE radio-ready hook. Then of course, there’s that hair...

All kidding aside, it’s clear to us that Engelo is both working his butt off to make his music career happen - and has the talent to back up his work ethic. We’re very excited to have him as an artist in the Grow Music Project.

Why you need to know about ENGELO:

Because then you’ll be able to say, “I knew about him and had him in my playlist before everyone else did.” And we think he’s the kind of artist that’ll make that a pretty damn cool thing to be able to say.

- Chris, Grow Music Project Staff

Here's some info about Engelo:

In 2011, Engelo Charles was selected as a soloist during Stevie Wonder's House Full of Toys with Choir at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. The line-up included Justin Bieber, Drake, Michael McDonald, Faith Evans, and of course living legend Stevie Wonder on keys.  You can find Engelo performing at different venues and events in and around the Los Angeles area.  Right now, Charles is hard at work writing and recording for other artists in various studios, which is a goal/dream of his.  He is also hard at work writing for his own EP coming soon.  “I Listen to and try to write songs that people can live in - songs that you can put yourself in as the main character.  At the end of the day, I want the listeners to say "Thats me!"."

Check out "Monster" by ENGELO CHARLES -