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GMP is gearing up for the anticipated release of the new HOLLY HENRY song “HIDE & SEEK” on May 6!  For a sneak peak at GMP • SESSION DIARIES EP.#4, check out the link HERE.  We can’t be more excited about the GMP songs and music diaries released so far.  If you’ve missed any of the previous three releases, navigate to the following artist links: 


GMP’s Joey Hendrickson Featured on! 


Yet another great article featuring GMP’s Joey Hendrickson!  In short, Joey blew our minds with his natural skills as a singer/songwriter and his ability to create meaningful music endeavors like Columbus Songwriters Association.  If you missed the release of his song “Astral Planes” and/or didn’t catch GMP • SESSION DIARIES EP.#2 that went along with it, you can navigate to his GMP Artist page HERE to get caught up.  Again, HUGE thank you to Elise Yablon from Examiner for putting this great piece together.  Find the link to the article HERE.

Tom Harrison’s EP Electric Postcards Praised By Indie Rock Cafe 


Big Congrats to GMP friend and participant Tom Harrison on being recognized as having one of the top DIY rock albums of January 2014 by Indie Rock Cafe!  The Electric Postcards EP was in fact recorded here at Star Hill Studio and was produced by GMP’s Christopher Tyng.  GMP staff member Ryan Andersen also contributed by playing drums on all three tracks alongside bass player Jay Markovitz.  What an awesome branch out for the GMP Community!  Check out the link HERE to read up on Tom’s EP.




GMP Brings Music Panel To SXSW 2014 


To say that GMP is excited about SXSW is a huge understatement.  With months and months of constant build up, the planets are finally set to align in the coming week.  The panel that GMP is bringing to the festival is entitled “Can Altruism Be The Next Music Business Model?” and consists of four major players in the music industry:

Peter Schwinge is the general manager of New Music Seminar, a destination where artists, music reps, and companies are provided with tools, knowledge, and connections necessary to becoming successful in building up the New Music Business.

Christopher Tyng is the creative director of The Grow Music Project.  He has worked in the music industry as a songwriter, producer, and composer writing music for shows such as “The OC“, “Futurama“, and “Suits“.  He has worked with a wide variety of successful bands and artists in Los Angeles spanning across a broad array of  genres from reggae to electronica to orchestral.

Anina Moore is the Director of Communications with Texas Commission On The Arts, an Austin-based arts agency working to provide resources that reinforce economic development, arts education, and artist sustainability initiatives in Texas and throughout the country.  

Chris Douridas is a well known radio host on KCRW, Southern California’s leading National Public Radio affiliate, featuring an expansive mix of news, music, and information and cultural programming.  Douridas also acts as a major Music Supervisor for TV/Film.

For artists and entrepreneurs alike, this is a unique opportunity to hear top industry professionals speak about the idea of having an altruistic approach to the ever-changing music industry.  It’s what music should truly be about.  To learn more about SXSW and the panel, click HERE.

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Coming February 1st!  The Grow Music Project debuts GMP • The Session Diaries, a documentary series about some of the best new artists you don’t know, but should.  GMP • The Session Diaries will bring you into GMP’s Star Hill Studio for a behind-the-scenes look at the artists and their music, and the creative journey that leads to a great song.  Our premier episode features Star and the Sea band members Dominique Star, Natalie Weiner, and Matt Gajewski out of New York City.  Join us here at on February 1st for the Episode 1 premier, and check out the worldwide debut of the song “Captain and the Map” written by Dominique Star and recorded by Star and the Sea as part of the Grow Music Project!

GMP Artist/Band Submissions – REVAMPED and RE-OPEN! 

Our web-hosting provider updated their web platform, and inadvertently broke our entire submissions system… which caused some problems with artists being able to log in.  We’re happy to report that after quite a bit of re-working, everything is back to normal, and should be functioning properly again.

Also, we’ve transitioned to a ROLLING BASIS for our artist/band submissions.  What does that mean?  “Rolling” submissions means that as a suitable candidate is recognized by GMP, they are invited to participate and offered a slot in the upcoming schedule of sessions.  We review every submission we receive on a quarterly basis.  Go HERE to find out more, or submit an artist for consideration now! Holds GMP in High Esteem 

Image’s Elise Yablon put together an amazingly detailed article about GMP that touched on everything from how the idea of the project came about to the launch of GMP’s behind-the-scenes video series called GMP • The Session Diaries.  This is a great piece, and we’re so excited to have been featured.  Thank you to Elise and the crew at!  Find the article here -

Grow Music Project Featured on 


Fusicology recently posted an article about the release of GMP’s new official trailer “GMP – The Session Diaries.”  The article really gives a great illustration of how the project functions and aims to fill a void in the current music industry.  Many thanks to everyone at Fusicology for highlighting the project!  Find the article link here -