GMP Advisory Board Announced @ SXSW 2013





Multi-Faceted Board of Industry Professionals add to GMP’s Scope & Outreach    

SXSW 2013, Austin, Texas – Christopher Tyng’s GROW MUSIC PROJECT announced the formation of its’ brand new Advisory Board today at the 2013 SXSW Music Conference & Festival.  The board is made up of a diverse range of industry professionals, and will help the Grow Music Project expand it’s overall outreach, as well as advise on the selection of artists, and the future development and scope of the program.


The Grow Music Project proudly welcomes to its’ Advisory Board:  Trevor Gale, Senior VP Writer/Publisher Relations, SESAC;  Stacy Wallen-McCarthy, Director of Music Supervision and Licensing, NBC Universal;  Jesse Harris, Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer [Norah Jones, Cat Power, Emmylou Harris, Madeleine Peyroux]; and Bianca Bhagat, music agent at Evolution Music Partners.

“We are honored to have such an amazing resource of talent and experience in the makeup of this Advisory Board”, says GMP Creative Director Tyng.  “Each one of these board members brings a unique perspective and field of experience to the GMP table, and we are very excited to have the benefit of their wisdom and their assistance in our development and outreach as the program progresses.”

Created as a “Pay It Forward” endeavor by veteran songwriter, composer, and music producer Christopher Tyng ["SUITS", "FUTURAMA", "RESCUE ME","The OC"] independent bands and artists who want to take their music to the next level but lack the financial resources to do so now have an ally in Tyng’s Grow Music Project. A launch pad for these bands and artists, the Grow Music Project offers selected applicants the opportunity to have their most promising song professionally produced, recorded, and mixed in Tyng’s state-of-the-art recording studio in Santa Barbara, CA. over a two-to-three day intensive development and recording session.  The Grow Music Project offers the opportunity entirely for free and with no strings of any kind attached.  The Grow Music Project’s goal is to create an outlet to help support emerging artists, just as was done for Tyng early on in his career. The winning musicians will receive the Grow Music Project’s support with absolutely no catch—they will retain all of the publishing and writing credits to their songs, as well as full ownership of the masters from the session.  Tyng’s inspiration for the Grow Music Project came from his experience meeting and sharing the lineup with many talented artists and bands while touring and gigging with his own band.  Tyng observed firsthand that many deserving indie artists are struggling to break through in the current music market—often because they lack the resources to get their music developed and realized at a professional level.  As a young aspiring musician, Tyng himself was taken under the wing of the late world-renowned composer Basil Poledouris.  Poledouris helped launch Tyng’s career, and now Tyng’s  aim is to do the same for emerging artists with the Grow Music Project. “One of the advantages indie artists have now is the ability to self-market to a theoretically limitless audience,” explains Tyng. “But therein also lies the challenge… The socially-networked world is now your oyster, but how do you stand out? There are great artists being lost in the fray. The Grow Music Project seeks to bring those artists to light, and to create a hub for them to get heard and noticed.”  To learn more about the project and the application process, visit

The submission deadline for the first round of Grow Music Project applications is May 1, 2013, and the first five recipients will be announced on June 1, 2013.  Tyng will select the winning artists with an emphasis on both the strength and potential of their songs, as well as on the artists’ own efforts at advancing their careers. Bands will be responsible for their own travel to the studio, but food and accommodations will be provided.  Bands can submit for consideration online at